Ford Foundation’s overhaul


The New York Times has a piece on the new leader of the Ford Foundation, Luis A. Ubiñas.

The Ford Foundation, the nation’s second-largest philanthropic institution, has begun unveiling the results of a two-year overhaul undertaken by its new leader, Luis A. Ubiñas.

The changes define the foundation’s work and objectives more clearly, streamline its sprawling operations and place greater emphasis on demonstrating the impact of its programs.

“I think the upshot is that we will be beginning this next generation of work with a very clear sense of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Mr. Ubiñas said in an interview in his office near the United Nations headquarters.

Like many other iconic foundations, Ford has struggled to demonstrate the impact and relevance of its work over the last several years while attention and interest have been focused on newer foundations with living donors, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Case Foundation.

The foundation settled on eight issues, including access to education, natural resources and sustainable development, that will be its focus. It has worked in all of those areas in the past, but they were less clearly delineated.

No mention of JTA, whose award-winning 2003 series on Ford, "Funding Hate," that prompted the foundation to overhaul its giving to organizations supportive of terrorism and the destruction of Israel.

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