Jerusalem’s population increases 1.8 percent


JERUSALEM (JTA) — About 10 percent of Israel’s population, 760,800 people, live in Jerusalem, according to new data.

Jerusalem’s population increased by 1.8 percent in 2008, according to data released by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies on Wednesday, on the eve of Jerusalem Day.

Jews and other non-Arabs make up 65 percent of Jerusalem’s population and Arabs make up 35 percent, according to the data. In 2008, the Jewish population increased by 1 percent and the Arab population increased by 3 percent. 

Jerusalem’s population breakdown by religion is 476,100 Jews, or 64 percent; 247,800 Muslims, or 33 percent; 12,600 Christian Arabs, or 2 percent; and 2,600 non-Arab Christians, or 0.3 percent; and 8,500 unaffiliated, or 1 percent.

The study reported that between 1967 and the end of 2008 Jerusalem’s population increased by 186 percent, with the Jewish population increasing by 149 percent and the Arab population increasing by 291 percent.

Also in 2008, 2,100 new Israeli immigrants made Jerusalem their home.

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