Argentine prosecutor requests Colombian’s arrest


BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — An Argentine prosecutor has sought the arrest of a Colombian believed to have coordinated the 1994 attack on the Buenos Aires Jewish center.

District Attorney Alberto Nisman asked a federal judge to order the arrest of Samuel Salman El Reda, 42, who is considered to be part of the “hard radical nucleus” of the Islamic community in Argentina.

El Reda is related to the former cultural attache of the Iranian embassy, Moshen Rabbani, who is under an Interpol international arrest warrant for his participation in the attack.

According to Nisman, El Reda moved to Beirut with his family after the terrorist attack, which killed 85 and wounded hundreds.

“He actively participated in coordinating and preparing the attack, the arrival, the stay and departure of the operative group that performed the attack,” said Nisman.

The investigation of telephone calls El Reda made in the two weeks before the attack on July 19, 1994 connects him to Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon, according to Nisman.

The prosecutor’s request, which is supported by the U.S. government through its ambassador, Anthony Earl Wayne, is to be reviewed by Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral.

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