Livni criticizes Netanyahu on prime time


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Tzipi Livni criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign policy during a prime time television news magazine.

The opposition leader and Kadima party head also slammed Netanyahu’s personal choices during Channel 2’s Friday night news program.

Livni called Netanyahu’s visit to Washington "a loss for the State of Israel" and "a historic mess."

 "All he wanted was for the visit to Washington to pass quietly and to get back to Israel in peace – that is to say, without peace," she said.

Livni slammed the Prime Minister for refusing to assert his commitment to two states for two people.

"The problem with Bibi and the Likudnikim is that it is as if in saying ‘two states for two peoples,’ they are doing someone a favor. They are not doing anyone a favor, but rather acting in Israel’s best interest. Anybody who wavers on the topic seriously harms the interest of maintaining Israel as a Jewish country," she said. 

Livni, who received more votes than Netanyahu in the general elections but was not tapped to form the government, called the coalition that Netanyahu formed "a bad government with a terrible prime minister."

Livni also criticized Labor leader Ehud Barak for joining the government, saying his presence in the government gives it a "stamp of approval" that it should not have.  

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