Israeli security forces evacuate outposts


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Ten right-wing activists, including an Israeli lawmaker, were arrested in protests over the impending evacuation of West Bank outposts.

Settlers and activists on Monday reportedly threw stones at Palestinian cars to protest the impending evacuation of West Bank outposts. The protestors also reportedly blocked roads and burned tires, according to Israel Radio. Up to six Palestinians riding in a minibus were injured, one seriously.

National Union Knesset member Michael Ben Ari was arrested after standing on the bumper of a security forces vehicle to check on two teenage activists who were handcuffed in the back seat. Ben Ari alleged that the security forces used violence during the arrest.

Protestors blocked the western entrance to Jerusalem late Monday afternoon.   

Activists on Monday gathered at the Gilad Farm and Ramat Gilad outposts between Kedumim and Karnei Shomron following news that they would be evacuated.

Meanwhile, security forces on Monday destroyed three caravans during the evacuation of the northern West Bank outpost of Nachalat Yosef, located near the settlement of Elon Moreh.

The riots and evacuations Monday come after Israeli security forces evacuated the West Bank outpost of Shvut Ami near Nablus Saturday evening at the end of Shabbat.

Security forces evacuated about a dozen teenagers from the outpost, located near the Jewish settlement of Kedumim. They also destroyed two wooden huts, according to reports.

The evacuation was conducted without incident, though Daniella Weiss, a settler leader and former Kedumim mayor, said that the evacuation was "brutal." The forces reportedly cut the outpost’s links to the Kedumim water system.

The teens began to rebuild the outpost on Sunday.

The evacuation comes after a week in which several smaller outposts were cleared out.

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