USCJ applauds talk of ‘strong bonds’


The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism applauded Obama’s honoring of the "strong bonds" between the United States and Israel. The full statement from USCJ executive vice president Rabbi Jerome Epstein [[READMORE]]

This morning’s speech, given by President Obama in Cairo, was vital to the future relations between Israel and the Arab world, and to the United States’ Middle East policies. He chose an appropriate time and platform – one that garnered the world’s attention — to address these issues.

"We are hopeful that President Obama and our nation will take necessary steps to assist in bringing peace and reconciliation to the Middle East, and that progress will be quick. Israel must be recognized as the Jewish homeland by Arabs and Muslims around the world, and Israel and its neighbors must be able to live in harmony with each other. The future of the region — and Israel’s future — depends on it. 

"Israel has shown time and again that desires peace within its borders and with its neighbors. However, Israel knows it must protect its land and citizens. I applaud President Obama for honoring the ‘strong bonds’ between the United States and Israel."

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