Palestinians show flour power in record attempt


JERUSALEM (JTA) — West Bank Palestinians attempted to break the Guinness world record for the largest Knafeh cake.

In the Palestinian city of Nablus, 170 bakers from 10 local bakeries created the cheese, syrup and semolina pastry on Saturday, according to reports. The bakers used 1,540 pounds each of semolina flour and cheese, and 660 pounds of sugar.

The ingredients to create the 243-foot-long cake cost $15,000, according to the Ma’an Palestinian News Agency.

The record-breaking attempt came during the second weekend of an annual shopping festival in Nablus being held after Israel eased restrictions on roadblocks and a military checkpoint near the city.

Some 500 Palestinian Authority police officers were deployed in the city during the event, Ma’an reported. 

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