More than a third of living donors of a $1 billion or more are Jews


The list gurus at Forbes this week came out with their latest list – living billionaires who have given away at least $1 billion.

Not sure if it is suprising or not, but the list includes only 14 names.

  • Bill Gates – $28 billion
  • George Soros – $7.2 billion
  • Gordon Moore – $6.8 billion
  • Warren Buffett — $6.7 billion
  • Eli Broad — $2 billion
  • James Towers — $1.9 billion
  • Herbert and Marion Sandler — $1.5 billion
  • Michael Bloomberg — $1.5 billion
  • Li Ka-shing — $1.37 billion
  • Dietmar Hopp — $1.25 billion
  • Michael Dell — $1.2 billion
  • Klaus Tschira — $1.1 billion
  • Stephan Schmidheiny — $1 billion
  • Ted Turner — $1 billion

The story is quick to point out a few trends – namely the high number of Americans, 45 percent, on the list. And that all but one of the billionaires on the list, Stephan Schmidheiny, are self made, and that five made their fortunes in technology.

Well, Forbes seems to have missed another trend among the billionaire donors – more than a third of the list is made up of Jews, as Soros, Broad, the Sandlers, Bloomberg and Dell are all Jews.

Come on Forbes, after Madoff and the Jersey money laundering rabbis, we can use all the positive PR we can get.

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