Hey, Dersh: Objection


It’s been nearly two decades since "Reversal of Fortune," Alan Dershowitz’s autobiographical account of how he helped Calus von Bulow beat an attempted murder conviction, was turned into a movie. But von Bulow’s mistress, Andrea Reynolds Plunkett, is finally fighting back with her own book in which she objects to several aspects of The Dersh’s account.

Check out this item from The New York Post’s famed gossip column:

"Alan came out with a book that wasn’t very close to the facts," Plunkett told Page Six yesterday. "He had to make me look bad just to make himself look better."

Plunkett was especially appalled by a scene in the movie (which Dershowitz did not write) when Baranski, as Plunkett, tells von Bulow to hire the barrister by saying, "Get the Jew!"

Hungarian-born Plunkett said, "It never happened. Alan had already been hired by the time I came on the scene. But worse, it makes me sound anti-Semitic. While I’m anti-stupid-people, I’m not anti-Semitic. I love Jews. I married two of them."

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