WaPost: Arison invests big in world peace, because her psychic visions tell her to


The Washington Post has a story about the richest woman in Israel, and perhaps in the entire Middle East, Shari Arison, the heiress to the Carnival Cruise Line and Bank HaPoalim.

The article talks a good deal about her philanthropy, calling her a major force, but it also makes her look a bit flakey:

But the biggest jolt comes from the woman in the executive chair: Arison — billionaire ($2.7 by Forbes’s most recent estimate), perhaps the richest woman in the Middle East, a major force in Israeli philanthropy — claims that she can see the future. This is much bigger than a parlor trick. In her new book published this summer in Israel, the 51-year-old Miami native says she felt the Indonesian tsunami sweeping over the land two months before it happened and sensed Hurricane Katrina pummeling New Orleans. In an interview, Arison says she also "saw the writing on the wall" before the global economic crash. Reading about Arison’s extrasensory perception makes you ache for a heads-up, maybe a blog entry or a tweet or a phone call to Brownie or Greenspan or somebody who might have helped.

Arison has apparently been working with a psychologist who is teaching her how to bring her use her “past lives” to help her current life, and Arison is using the advice to do some good in the world.

"Over the years I suffered much from the visions, the feelings and these messages . . . I prayed they would go away. They brought much pain to my life. This was the preparation for the current phase, the phase in which I am ready to declare what I know with courage and without fear."

This current phase of her life is to save the human race.

She started the nonprofit Essence of Life in 2001 and is a force behind Israel’s Good Deeds day, says the WaPost.

In 2006, she also started the Shari Arison Awareness Communication Center, which she endowed in 2006.

"The center will focus on research on the importance of the individual’s inner balance as an engine for self-development and self-achievement. It shall also research how humanity can function in an increasingly technological world in the future," the paper quotes the Herziliya Interdisciplinary Center as saying.

He belief is that world peace can be achieved once individuals have inner balance.

And Arison has also invested $100 million in Maya, a water company that she hopes will solve the water shortage in the Middle East and be a pathway to peace.

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