Canada seizes materials believed for Iran nukes


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Canadian customs officials seized materials that they believe were being illegally shipped to Iran for use in its nuclear weapons program.

George Webb, head of the Canada Border Service Agency’s Couter Proliferation Section, said centrifuge parts, programmable logic controllers and a shipment of microchips that appear to be some type of guidance system are among the materials that customs officials intercepted, according to an article in the National Post.

Webb also said that Canada recently identified a new port in the Persian Gulf, Ras al-Khaimah, that is being used to ship goods to Iran. The port technically is in the United Arab Emirates but is controlled by Iran. Webb said Canadian customs officers are looking for goods destined for the port.

"All of our people in those ports are aware," he said, "so as soon as they see it, it’s hauled aside for examination and follow up."

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