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Hasta la vista, Mexico

 My Mexico adventure is ending in an hour, and as expected the final day was a whirlwind, but so very worth it. I visited the historic district of central Mexico City, home to the earliest Jewish settlement in the country, did some proper touring around La Condesa, where the Jews lived in the fifties, and saw the gleaming sports center out in the burbs where most Jews live now. I’ll have a video about the whole thing early next week. Before then, expect my longer dispatches, about how this traditionally insular community is seemingly moving in two directions at once, and about the unfortunate situation of the tiny Guadalajara communities. If things go well, I’ll also report on a fascinating hour I spent today looking at old community documents describing the contacts between Diego Rivera and Leon Trotsky and Jewish intellectuals and writers in the 1940s. Till then, thanks again to the wonderful folks here that welcomed me. Next stop: Europe, so keep those story ideas coming.