Swedish journalist reconsidering organ story


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A journalist who accused Israeli soldiers of harvesting Palestinian organs in a popular Swedish newspaper is reconsidering his position.

Donald Bostrom cancelled a scheduled appearance at a conference in Beirut after a visit to Israel in which he participated in dialogue on the issue, according to Army Radio. Bostrom was in Israel last month for a media conference in Dimona.

The Beirut conference was set to be an anti-Israel hate fest, according to reports.

"The visit to Israel and the fact that I was part of a fair dialogue made me rethink the whole issue," Bostrom reportedly told associates, according to Ha’aretz.

In an article published in August in the popular Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Bostrum reported that Israel seized young Palestinian men and returned them to their families with missing organs.

The story, which ran under the headline "They plunder the organs of our sons," also cited the recent arrest of a New York rabbi accused of trafficking in human organs.

During the Dimona conference Bostrum admitted that his only proof of the organ stealing came from the allegations of the Palestinian families.


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