Johansson top-ranked Jew among Daily Beast’s list of celeb philanthropic impact


The Giving Beast, the philanthropy section of Tina Brown’s online mag, The Daily Beast, recently took 50 of the world’s most well known celebrities who are aligned with specific charities, and calculated which had the greatest impact on those charities.

The Beast tallied how much “awareness they produced for their favored nonprofit in print, television, and online, and also calculated any personal donations to the charity, since cash is the most direct impact of all.”

This is how the Jews on the mag’s list fared.

  • 16. Scarlett Johansson brings in $876,973 annually for OxFam.
  • 18. Sara Jessica Parker brings in $663,520 for UNICEF.
  • 22. Bob Dylan generates $494,731 annually for Feeding America.
  • 38. Ben Stiller generates $151,519 for Save the Children.
  • 46. Jerry Seinfeld brings in $60,036 for the Owen Hart Foundation. 

** Fundermentalist note: Sharon Stone, who was previously and wrongly ranked number one on this list, is not Jewish. My bad… trust me. This hurts me more than it hurts you.

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