The problem with Palin (and some liberals)


To the Editor:

Rubin and Frum are making the error of categorizing Jews as a cohesive group. They’re not. The days of GOP Jews as an endangered species are well past. I believe that most American Jews see themselves as Americans, first, and Jews, second. The notable exception are the Orthodox — who, by the way, are more likely to favor religiously oriented people like Palin. The other Jews — Conservative and Reform – are more likely to see themselves as social liberals (e.g. pro-choice, pro- same-sex-marriage, wary of populists). Unfortunately, too many of the latter have allowed themselves to be duped into unquestioned criticism of Israel. I find it disheartening that so many of the protesters who flocked to Cairo on their way to Gaza were "Jews." Why weren’t they flocking to Sderot during its daily barrage by Gaza-launched missiles? Palin, for me, is a very unappetizing choice — not because I’m Jewish, but because I have a brain. Do I really want someone in or near the Oval Office who is as ignorant of geopolitics as Palin? To me, any thinking person would be loath to be a Republican in today’s party. Lincoln and Eisenhower wouldn’t want to be in today’s GOP, either. Imagine an Israeli government dominated by settler mentality and you have today’s GOP.

Rob Brownstein
Santa Cruz, Calif.

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