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  • Kirk owed Franklin apology, too

    Shai Franklin has apologized to Irwin Cotler, but he also owes an apology to Sen. Mark Kirk and to the Iranian political prisoners he carelessly smeared in his ill-informed Op-Ed titled “Stop pretending to care about Iranians’ rights.”

  • Baseless accusations against Cotler

    To the Editors:

  • Apology to Cotler

    To the Editors:

  • Irish teachers’ loss

    To the Editor: The Irish teachers who voted to boycott Israel will lose a lot if there is no interchange with Israeli scientists, students and academics. I’m sure Israel will survive without the Irish teachers. Francisco Neulaender Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Touching story of survivor

    To the Editor: My most sincere appreciation for the story titled "For one Holocaust survivor, Siemens held the key to unlocking his past." It touched my heart, and I am filled with love and awe for the late Mr. Michlin. You rendered his personality, his tortured past, and his kindness and desire to spread knowledge…

  • Jews and fossil fuels

    To the Editor: As a Jew and a member of a funding company that promotes commercial green energy development and production, I wholly concur with the Op-Ed titled "Jews should work to reduce fossil fuels, not ally with gas and oil companies." Israel for a long time has been at the forefront of development of…

  • On visiting Dome of the Rock

    To the Editor: In 1979, on a three-week American Jewish Congress tour of Israel, we visited both the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aksa Mosque. How times have changed — but not for the better. Karl Kaplan East Brunswick, N.J.

  • Biased tone in AIPAC video

    To the Editor: I am writing to express concern about the JTA video on the AIPAC Policy Conference. (For the record, I will be attending the conference, support AIPAC and encourage members of our congregation to attend the conference.) Ron Kampeas is a journalist whose job includes covering AIPAC, Israel and the Middle East. However,…

  • Let Hagel’s actions speak

    To the Editor: Senator Hagel was ill advised to make some of his statements, but everything he said questioning both U.S. foreign policy and Israel’s actions don’t make you anti-Semitic. If you look at the pandering by people on the right like Rubio and Romney, their blatant "love" for the Jewish people is so ridiculous…

  • Prissy view of Oscars

    To the Editor: Peter Dreier is so off base that my opinion of JTA is faltering. This prissy side of liberal mentality is infinitely more offensive to me than any of the jokes that might have made me groan a little. Anyone with a heart could sense that we were all on the same side…