View Palin with eye on Israel


To the Editor:

Sarah Palin comes from a different political place than most politicians we have supported in the past and become accustomed to in the present. A long list could be written when compared with someone like Hillary Clinton, who has become our role model for women in politics today.

However, I would like to bring to mind another aspect that may be overlooked that I believe Sarah Palin may bring to the international scene. I believe she would bring the undying support of Israel, which cannot be discounted in today’s environment of the surrounding dangers facing Israel.

In order to diffuse the tensions in the Arab world, the United States has lessened the staunch support of Israel and is opening the way for Israel to share its land with the Palestinians. Although we may not see the peace we hope for in Israel in our lifetime, it would be certain catastrophe for any nation, particularly the United States, to back down on our support or try to pressure Israel to give up land which is rightfully theirs. It would also be certain demise for Israel to give up land for peace, as has been promoted recently.

I believe that Jews should look at politicians from their undying support of Israel before determining whether they support someone or not.

Emma Quigley,
Sayville, N.Y.

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