Non-Orthodox day schools merit support


Thanks to Elaine Cohen for such an excellent response to Mr. Steinhardt’s comments. We all appreciate the many wonderful things Mr. Steinhardt has financed and worked for, but this time he has caused hurt to fellow Jews.

If you look at the graduates of non-Orthodox day schools, you will see many committed, knowledgeable Jews dedicated to klal Yisrael, eretz Yisrael and service to the world in Hashem’s name. You will see people who have been
taught tolerance and respect for others as a positive Jewish value and practice this in their daily lives. You will see members of the Israel Defense Forces, whose exposure to serious Jewish study and the Hebrew language has made aliyah and this ultimate service to the Jewish people possible.

What you will not see is the kind of intolerance referred to in another JTA report regarding the attacks on non-Jewish seminary students in Jerusalem, a true desecration of the name of Hashem. We are proud of our students and what they represent. These schools deserve our support.

Gregg Bannett
Cherry Hill, N.J.

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