Jews must stop the fanatics within


To the Editor:

Re: "Spitting on Christians in Jerusalem draws rabbinic rebuke," this is merely the latest proof that a portion of Orthodox Jews are out of control. Instead of worrying about whom the pope may nominate for sainthood, Jews need to do something to halt this increasingly fanatical behavior that is reminiscent of the Zealots who brought on the destruction of the Second Temple in 70.

You can add this to a list that includes the murder of Rabin, rabbis who claim that theirs is the only acceptable form of conversion, rabbis (supported by the State of Israel) who delegitimize Conservative and Reform Judaism, Jewish thugs who attack a woman because she is not modest, to Orthodox Jews who claim to operate a kosher slaughterhouse while treating their workers in a manner that violates both the letter and the spirit of the laws in the Torah.

These people are nothing but modern disciples of Jeroboam. Lest we forget, there is a straight line from Jeroboam to the loss of the Ten Lost Tribes.

Evil triumphs because good men remain silent. Either we speak out or these people will destroy us in a way that no external enemy ever could.

Mitchell A. Levin
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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