ADL rushed to judgment on Limbaugh


To the Editor:

We Jews do not do ourselves a favor when, without having firsthand knowledge of an event, we condemn people of despicable actions. I heard Rush Limbaugh "condemning Jews" on his broadcast — a complete misinterpretation that was used by Abraham Foxman to charge Limbaugh with border anti-Semitism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Limbaugh, a longtime defender of Israel and an unabashed admirer of Jews, was discussing Norman Podhoretz’s book on the "liberalism" of American Jews and merely wondered why Jews, being highly represented in the financial and medical communities, continued to support Obama after the president has taken many measures to undermine and threaten the future of those professions.

His question was completely in the context of the broadcast, and there was nothing anti-Semitic in it.

I as a Jew am as sensitive to Jew hatred as Abraham Foxman, and in this case he responded without making himself acquainted with the actual text. He owes Limbaugh an apology.

N. Shuster
Naples, Fla.

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