Thankful for genocide recognition


To the Editor:

I wish to publicly thank Senator Berman for having the courage to endorse the Armenian genocide resolution. My father, Shavarsh, would be very proud of him. He was a survivor of the 1915 death marches. He was born in Moush and was the only survivor of 13 brothers, sisters and mother. He was 3 years old when this happened and was saved by a Kurdish family who wept as the Ottoman Turkish army put all the Armenians in a barn and set it ablaze.

He finally came to America when he was 18 years old. He put himself through vocational school in Providence, R.I., where he became a carpenter. His favorite song was "God Bless America."

Again, thank you all for any and all support you can give to the recognition of this grave injustice to man.

Kenneth Bedrosian
Carlisle, Mass.

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