First State Jews come first


How many Jewish voters are there in Delaware?

Ten thousand, according to an email that just popped into my inbox from the National Jewish Democratic Council PAC, and enough to avoid what its subject line calls a "Nightmare on Election Day":

Imagine, just for one moment, the headlines on the morning after Election Day if the Republicans hit their dream trifecta and take the Senate seats of Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Any other victory or loss will pale in comparison to these trophy races.


NJDC’s PAC has closely analyzed election returns from the last three “off year” elections. We have concluded that in a close election the Jewish Democratic vote potentially can make the difference.




There are more than 167,000 likely Jewish voters to reach in Illinois alone, 42,000 in Nevada and even 10,000 in a small state like Delaware. And remember that the last Democratic Majority Leader was toppled by just 4,500 votes. 


That would be Tom Daschle, in 2002.


No word from NJDC on how many Jewish voters there are in South Dakota.

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