Judge orders ex-SS man in Pa. deported


WASHINGTON (JTA) — An immigration judge ordered deported a Pennsylvania man who worked as a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Judge Charles M. Honeyman, based in Philadelphia, ordered Anton Geiser, 85, of Sharon, removed to Austria, the country from which he immigrated to the United States, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday.

Geiser admitted under oath that he served during most of 1943 as an armed SS guard at Sachsenhausen near Berlin.

His duties included escorting prisoners to slave labor sites and standing guard in the camp’s guard towers. He said he was under standing orders to shoot any prisoner attempting escape.

“As a Nazi concentration camp guard during World War II, Anton Geiser must be held to account for his role in the persecution of countless men, women and children,” Lanny Breuer, an assistant attorney general, said in a statement.  “The long passage of time will not diminish our resolve to deny refuge to such individuals."

It was not clear whether Geiser would appeal the order, or when it would be carried out.

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