Rochester, Modi’in team for program


To the Editor:

The program in Modi’in referred to in the article "Study of American Jews making its way into Israeli schools" was an outgrowth of the Partnership 2000 between Rochester and Modi’in. With seed money, this curriculum of Friends Across the Sea was started in the fifth grades and adopted by the Ministry of Education in Modi’in. It is now a part of the curriculum in all schools.

During short sabbatical periods in 2007, 2008 and again this year, I visited and taught in numerous schools on this topic. As a Reform rabbi I was also invited into the Netiv Zevulun school, an Orthodox school, in addition to other non-Orthodox schools. There has been a great commitment both in Rochester and in Modi’in to see that this project succeeds.

The program was recognized by Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky earlier this year. There was a feeling of great satisfaction both in Rochester and in Modi’in that we are building stronger Israel Diaspora relations and understanding.

Rabbi Alan Katz
Temple Sinai
Rochester, N.Y.


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