Foreman vs. Cotto, pre-fight (live)


 11:15 PM: During the Puerto Rican anthem, Israeli Deputy PM Silvan Shalom is ushered through the crowd on the field to his ringside seat. The cheers and Puerto Rican flags fill the stadium, and something tells me they’re not for Shalom.

11:25 PM: The Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, is followed by the Star Spangled Banner.

11:30 PM: Crowd cheers as footage of historic fights at the old Yankee Stadium are played on the Jumbotron. This crowd is starting to wake up.

11:32: Hear comes Cotto. Crowd goes wild. 

11:34: Cotto reaches the ring, PR music blares. I feel like I’m in the South Bronx. Oh right, I am.

11:36: Shofar sounds. Foreman starts his walk toward the ring. Tekiah Gedolah! Some rebbe music starts. Foreman seems to be mumbling Tehilim (Psalms) under his breath. He may need it. This Cotto guy looks like one bad motherf…..

11:38: Heavy metal music sounds. Foreman reaches the ring. Israeli flags appear. Here we go, Superwelterweight championship time.

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