Gaza blockade is legitimate


To the Editor:

The flotilla was not carrying only humanitarian aid or the items could have been offloaded in Israel or Egypt. The ships’ passengers (terrorists) refused to give the shipment and defied orders with weapons; Hamas refused the shipment. The passengers’ behavior and weapons confirm that this was not a mission of peace.

Many countries, including the United States, have had blockades to prevent entry by terrorists, weapons and drugs; only Israel is so questioned.

Israel and Egypt set up the blockade to protect citizens from attack by Hamas and after Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. As long as Hamas will not return Shalit and offer peace, Israeli citizens are imperiled and the blockage must be continued.

The standard of living is higher in Gaza than in other Arab countries. Palestinians receive many tons and truckloads of supplies weekly, without having to work for any of the aid. Hamas harms Gazans by not permitting them to live freely or establish a viable nation, and by using citizens and children as weapons and cover.

Israel must stay strong or the jihad will continue into Israel and the rest of the world. Perhaps the only way to an improved situation is for the Gazans to rise up against Hamas. Until then, Israel must continue to take every measure to protect itself.

Tabitha Korol
Beachwood, Ohio

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