Al-Aksa TV ordered off French airwaves


(JTA) — France’s broadcasting authority has ordered a satellite broadcaster to stop carrying Hamas’ Al-Aksa TV.

The authority, known as the CSA, on Wednesday ordered the French-owned Eutelsat, the world’s third largest satellite company, to stop broadcasting the terrorist organization’s television network because it violates French and European media law against incitement to hatred or violence on the grounds of race, religion or nationality.

Prior to the CSA order, the European Commission issued a letter Wednesday to the French government demanding that action be taken to remove Al-Aksa TV from Eutelsat.

The satellite company was formally warned over the violations of European laws late last year and on prior occasions.

The U.S. Treasury Department named Al-Aksa TV a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity in March. Hamas finances and controls Al-Aksa TV, according to the department.

Senior Hamas operatives and officials comprise the leadership of Al-Aksa TV.

“Taking Al-Aksa TV off the air demonstrates that incitement to violence and support of terrorism will not be tolerated in Europe," said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, in praising the move on behalf of the Coalition Against Terrorist Media. "The CSA’s measures will be a critical blow to Hamas’ effort to create institutions that masquerade as legitimate but in actuality provide operational support for its attacks and spread radical, jihadist messages.”

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