Yoffie must speak out on anti-Semitism


To the Editor:

It was gratifying to learn that Rabbi Yoffie finally realized that it is the Palestinian Arabs who are guilty of the incitement that has escalated the conflict in the Middle East. One can only hope that he, like so many others, will understand that the phrase "peace process" also is incorrect, as the word "process" implies that each side yields and compromises until a goal is achieved.

Only Israel has been pressured for many years to make concessions — dangerous ones that compromise her security. The Arabs have never lived up to any part of any agreement. They have educated the next generation of suicide bombers, and this cannot be undone by any kind of agreement. Worldwide condemnation and boycotts of Israel are also part of the irreversible facts.

The solution to the Middle East conflict cannot be solved unless the larger issue of worldwide anti-Semitism is faced. The United States must take a leadership position for this, and the voices of rabbis can be of great value in this regard. As an important voice for the Reform movement, may Rabbi Yoffie tackle this problem for the good of Jewish people everywhere.

Chana Givon

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