UJA Federation of New York, raises $2 million more than expected


The country’s largest Jewish federation exceeded its initial fund-raising goals for fiscal year 2010.

The UJA-Federation of New York raised $136.1 million through its annual campaign, beating its projection of $134 million, the federation announced Thursday afternoon. 

The federation also raised $39.3 million in planned giving and endowments and $5.3 million in capital gifts and special initiatives, raising a total of $180.7 million for the 2010 fiscal year.

Here is the press release:


New York, NY, (July 8, 2010) ‹ UJA-Federation of New York announces that their 2010 Annual Campaign raised $136.1 million exceeding campaign projections of $134 million. This reflects the community¹s commitment to invest in the Jewish people and the Jewish future. The money raised funds programs throughout the New York metropolitan area, in Israel, and around the globe. In addition, UJA-Federation raised $39.3 million in planned giving & endowments and $5.3 million in capital gifts and special initiatives, raising a total of $180.7 million for the 2010 fiscal year.

The 2010 Annual Campaign faced the continuing economic crisis that began in 2008, characterized by unresolved widespread unemployment, financial losses, and anxiety. With the Herculean and collaborative efforts of tens of thousands of donors, professional staff, lay leaders, and volunteers, the money UJA-Federation has allocated to its network of beneficiary agencies, grantees, and service programs will be sustained, and then some.

“We are thrilled to announce that we¹ve exceeded our expectations and raised the dollars needed to help throughout the New York community,” said John M. Shapiro, outgoing president of UJA-Federation. “Asking people to reach deep into their pockets to help strangers in need is never easy. I have been deeply impressed by the enormous generosity we have seen and the remarkable commitment to help the worldwide Jewish community. As I leave office, I am proud to say I¹ve been a part of such a powerful network.”

“An extraordinary community response has resulted in renewed resources for another year,” said Jerry W. Levin, chair of the board. “I¹ve had the privilege to work among some of the most charitable New Yorkers in the city, and they truly showed me what generosity is about. It is heartwarming to know that tens of thousands of donors have contributed to UJA-Federation this year to help so many people.”

The campaign kicked off with the annual Greenberg event in October 2009 that matched its previous year¹s record of $43 million. As the year went on, event after event ‹ from the Wall Street Dinner, to Keepers of the Flame, to the hundreds of other events, small and large ‹ the community came together in inspiring and spectacular ways. June alone provided a breathtaking race to the campaign¹s close with multiple events pulled off with singular panache.

“It is an honor and privilege to work at UJA-Federation,” said John S. Ruskay, executive vice president and CEO. “It’s not just about the final numbers; it¹s what they represent and what they make possible. It’s about a reaffirmation of the very best of the human spirit to see beyond personal worries and anxieties, and recognize that we have the power to care for those in need and ensure the Jewish future. Thank you to each of you who gave so generously, who made the ask, who planned the events, who told the story, who contributed in ways large and small to this shared communal success.”

Ruskay saluted the dedication of the organization¹s leadership, including Overall Campaign Chairs Howard P. Milstein and Linda Mirels; President John M. Shapiro and Chair of the Board Jerry W. Levin; the campaign’s professional team, headed by Senior Vice Presidents Paul M. Kane and Stuart Tauber; and the volunteers, colleagues, and nearly 60,000 donors whose generosity and commitment will help provide essential services in the coming year.

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