Soros’ statements spread anti-Semitism


To the Editor:

Mr. Soros may not like to hear it, but he buys into and spreads anti-Semitism when he makes statements such as "attitudes toward the Jewish community are influenced by pro-Israel’s success in suppressing divergent views."

This myth that the pro-Israel community suppresses divergent views is just a variation on the "Jews control the media and government" theme. Who is suppressing Jimmy Carter (another one who argues Jewish control when people don’t agree with him)? Jewish Voice for Peace? The BDSers who seem to be on every campus?

If the pro-Israel community is suppressing these folks, we sure are doing a lousy job of it.

The fact is that when these people are challenged or find their views attacked, or when they find that the majority of Americans disagree with them, they simply cannot accept the fact that they are on the losing end and that most people simply reject their position. They feel that because they are wiser than others, there must be some explanation why their views are rejected. It cannot be that people just don’t think they are as smart as they think they are. So it is because the "pro-Israel community" (i.e. the Jews) "suppresses divergent views" (i.e. controls the media and government).

Alan Edelstein
Sacramento, Calif./Jerusalem 

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