Israeli threatens to open plane door midair


SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) — An Israeli on board an Australia to Hong Kong flight allegedly threatened to open the door in midair and kill himself and 280 passengers.

The unidentified man, 23, was restrained and handcuffed by crew members on the Qantas flight Oct. 7 between Melbourne and Hong Kong. None of the passengers were injured.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, the man began praying aloud in Hebrew and threatened the passengers.

“I’m going to kill myself, you are all going to die, it will be God’s will, what will be will be, I’m going to open the door,” he said.

On arrival, the crew handed the Israeli over to Hong Kong Police, who said the man was not charged because he did not harm any passengers.

A spokesman said the man had become emotional, complaining about food and other issues. He was transferred to a Hong Kong hospital for observation.

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