Enemies of peace won’t prevail, Peres tells rally


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The peace lobby will prevail over the enemies of peace, Israeli President Shimon Peres said at a rally in memory of Yitzhak Rabin.

"We are more determined than the enemies of peace, and therefore we will win," Peres told a crowd of more than 10,000 gathered for a peace rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to mark the 15th anniversary of the former prime minister’s assassination in the square across from City Hall.

"They have not succeeded, and they will not succeed, to snatch away our only possession. A possession that is priceless … that leads us through the storm. This dear possession is called hope, it is called peace."

The annual rally is in danger of being scrapped in favor of a smaller, less public ceremony.

None of Israel’s three national television networks had scheduled to broadcast the rally, but bowing to pressure from the government and the public, Israel’s Channel 1 agreed at the last minute to show it live. 

Rabin was assassinated Nov. 5, 1995 by Yigal Amir, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and remains in solitary confinement.

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