Baby boomers on the radar


To the Editor:

Re “Whither the Jewish baby boomers?”: I was thrilled to read that the baby boomer population is finally on the radar screen of the American Jewish community. In particular, I applaud the grass-roots organization JBoomers for its pioneering initiative to reach out to this underserved Jewish population.

As Professor David Elcott points out in the report “Baby Boomers, Public Service and Minority Communities: A Case Study of the Jewish Community in the United States,” Jewish boomers present both challenges and opportunities for the organized American Jewish community.

Boomers bring a wealth of energy, resources and creativity. The challenge is to provide meaningful spiritual, educational and social justice programs that actively engage Jewish boomers while fostering and strengthening Jewish community ties. It’s time to step up to the plate.

Paula Jacobs
Framingham, Mass.

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