Video calls for murder of Israeli official


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A video distributed on the Internet calls for the murder of Israel’s deputy attorney general after he asked police to investigate an anti-Arab Facebook page.

The video, which came out Sunday night, was distributed using the e-mail address of Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman.

It charges that Shai Nitzan is looking only into anti-Arab incitement and is not investigating anti-Jewish provocations. The video accuses Nitzan of "persecuting and hassling Jews, defending Arabs and cooperating with them."

Nitzan recently requested an investigation into a Facebook group called "Death to all Arabs."

The Justice Ministry denied any link to the video and condemned its content.

"Instead of defending the people of Israel from the Arabs, he covers up for them and cooperates with them against the Jews," a slide on the video reads. It concludes with the slogan "Kahane was right," referring to the slain ex-Knesset member and Kach Party founder Meir Kahane, who advocated for the transfer of Arabs out of Israel.

Right-wing groups also condemned the message in the video.

The video cropped up less than a week after Israel’s Knesset voted to form a parliamentary committee to investigate left-wing Israeli organizations that criticize the Israeli military’s actions.

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