Land give-aways haven’t brought peace


To the Editor:

Concerning the battle across the country over transit ads on the Middle East, I am concerned about the wording that pairs Israel with Palestine or Israelis with Palestinians. Just where are the borders of Palestine?

In my mind, Palestine has not existed since 1948, and the present borders of Israel were fought over and won by Israelis in 1967. Ever since we gave away land in Gaza, we have had nothing but problems.

I am 100 percent in favor of peace on Israeli soil, but I am not in favor of giving any more soil away. It hasn’t brought peace.

Peace is far preferable to destruction and could take several generations. I wish I could offer a solution other than to educate children and their parents, and/or to put the values of peace in monetary terms. Wouldn’t it be nice if followers of Islam could see the Koran’s teachings in terms of the 21st century instead of the second century?

Barbara Olsher
Nashville, Tenn.

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