You may have noticed that the ordinarily vociferous Fundermentalist has been awfully quiet recently. Well, that’s because some changes have been brewing.

JTA and The Fundermentalist have been my home for the past four years, and you all have been the neighbors that I have loved and probably ticked off from time to time. But it’s time for me to leave the nest.

In coming months, I am sure you will hear more about JTA’s plans for the future. I wish them luck.  As for myself, you’re not quite off the hook. I’ll still be keeping close tabs on the Jewish nonprofit world, but my lens will widen.

Several projects are in the offing, but soon I will start a blog on the website of the Chronicle of Philanthropy about religious giving. 

The blog, called “The Rising Tithe,” will dissect how charities spend the estimated $100 billion per year Americans give to religious causes. It will look at Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious charity, the motivations behind their adherents’ giving, how from the top-down religious groups raise and disburse money — and how on the ground those dollars are helping.

I look forward to hearing from all of you in the future. Please reach out to me at my personal email address. (I’ll never turn down a good scoop.)

Writing The Fundermentalist has been my distinct honor, pleasure, and sometimes headache, and I will forever cherish the opportunity that I had to do so.

For now, I bid thee a farewell and a thank you,

Jacob “The Fundermentalist” Berkman

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