Remember Me Project Will Identify Child Survivors


(JTA) — A project to identify child survivors of the Holocaust has been launched.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is asking for the public’s help in identifying photos of 1,100 children, some of the tens of thousands of children who found themselves alone and scattered across Europe at the end of World War II.

The images, found on the museum’s “Remember Me” website, are of Jewish and non-Jewish children whose photos were taken by relief agencies in displaced persons camps, children’s homes and elsewhere.

The museum also plans to publish many of the images in newspapers and online forums around the country. Several of the photos have already been identified.

“The numbers of even the youngest of the survivors and eyewitnesses of the Nazi era are dwindling, making it crucial to capture their testimonies as soon as possible,” said Lisa Yavnai, director of the Museum’s Survivors and Victims Resource Center. “By doing so we will record and memorialize these experiences for future generations.”