Ranking macaroons


From the Westport News:

Objective: Review and identify the best-tasting coconut macaroon in the Fairfield/Westport area.

Reasons: The coconut macaroon is one of the most popular, traditional foods at Passover. What qualities do people look for in a good macaroon?

Design: The subjects, two men, two women and two children, tasted four different macaroons from bakeries in Westport and Fairfield. The samples were randomly labeled, and the subjects did not know the origins of the macaroons.

Conclusion: One macaroon in particular rated higher than the others. However, all macaroons were consumed and all were deemed delicious.

Check out the full article to see who won.

And in the "Did you know?" department, courtesy of Ronnie Fein, author of "Hip Kosher" and the blog "Vignettes" …

There is "so much to say about macaroons," [Fein] said.

"They were invented by an Italian baker, made famous by French nuns. But Jews in central Europe began to eat them at Passover because they contain no flour or other chametz."

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