Misunderstanding its mission


To the Editor:

In December I made a donation to JTA ($10, big deal, but nonetheless a vote of confidence in your mission). But JTA writing that we "shouldn’t jump to conclusions" about the murderers of the Fogel family has caused me to lose all confidence in JTA.

If JTA feels that Jews have to give the benefit of the doubt to the likes of the Palestinian Arabs, JTA obviously suffers from a clear lack of clarity as to what its mission is or should be. The Palestinian Arab community has proven its ethos time and again, beyond a shadow of a doubt — and it isn’t pretty.

To waste time in self-abnegating musing about the true source of the horrendous evil that was evidenced in the slaughter of the Fogel mother, father and children is to steal resources, energy and commitment from the fight against evil that the Jewish community cannot afford.

That mission is why I chose to independently support JTA. But JTA’s lack of understanding of its role in that mission is why, sadly, I would like my money back.

Jeff Benson
Stamford, Conn.

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