Swastikas, death threat found at N.Y. restaurant


NEW YORK (JTA) — Spray-painted swastikas and a death threat written in German were found at an Italian restaurant in Orangeburg, N.Y.

The manager of Cassie’s Restaurant told police that he found the symbols inside and outside the business when he opened Monday afternoon. Between $2,000 and $3,000 was missing.

Police are investigating the graffiti as a "bias incident," the Rockland Journal News reported.

Orangeburg is located 11 miles from the Skver Chasidic village of New Square, where dissident Aron Rottenberg suffered third-degree burns over most of his body in an alleged arson attack on May 22.

Police later arrested Shaul Spitzer, 18, on charges of attempted murder, attempted arson and assault. Police say that Spitzer was attempting to set fire to Rottenberg’s house because he does not pray at the main New Square congregation led by the Skverers’ grand rebbe, David Twersky.

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