Shark Dumped In Young Israel’s Pool


There was a pool shark at the Young Israel of Staten Island last Wednesday, but not at a billiards table.

Two men hired to open the pool behind the Young Israel in Willowbrook discovered a shark at the bottom of the pool after removing the cover and draining the water.

“I have no idea how it got there,” Lazar Shcherb of D&M Pool Management told NY1 News.

The Young Israel believes someone threw the dead fish over the gate and into the pool as a prank. “Apparently, the pool maintenance company found a dead fish in one of the pools, thrown in sometime over the spring,” according to a statement issued by the synagogue to its members. “The pools have been totally drained, sanitized and are being prepared for the opening of camp next week. In no way has our children’s safety been compromised due to the prank.”