Rabbi Chaim Stein of Cleveland’s Telshe Yeshiva dies


(JTA) — Rabbi Chaim Stein, who was still serving as the rosh yeshiva at the Telshe Yeshiva in Cleveland at the age of 99, has died.

Stein, who died Wednesday, had re-established the yeshiva in Ohio in 1941 after leading a group of its students out of Lithuania in October 1940, ahead of the Nazi invasion. Most of the faculty and students left behind were killed by the Nazis and their supporters.

The group had taken the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Shanghai after acquiring visas from the Japanese envoy Chiune Sugihara. From Siberia the group went to Australia.

Today the Rabbinical College of Telshe-Telshe Yeshiva, as it is now known, features a high school, college and post-graduate school.

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