Free dose of Jewish guilt with your 7-Eleven slurpee


Today is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven, which celebrates its 84th birthday today. Not much of a connection the Archive, as far as we can tell: Two tangential references to the famed convenience store franchise were made in 2006. (It was mentioned in a travel guide of Bangkok written by a Jewish American and employed as a metaphor by a Jewish summer camper trying to comprehend sweatshop labor in Indonesia.) 

Looking for motivation to steer clear of the calories? Here’s a small scoop of Jewish guilt about frozen treats: [[READMORE]]

Palestine’s citizen’s will go without ice cream for the duration of the war (April 24, 1942)


Palestine children and adults will go without ice cream for the duration of the war. The food controller of the Palestine administration prohibiting its further manufacture and sale, announced today that materials used in making ice cream are needed for production of more essential foods.

Otherwise, kosher-conscious consumers may wish to note that some flavors are dairy.  (h/t YeahThatsKosher)

Speaking of frozen treats for Jews, last call to apply for that job at the Alaska Jewish Museum.

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