Bachelorette Ashley: Love JP’s big Jewish family!


Ashley Hebert, star of the 7th season of the show that very rarely produces actual couples, shared her “meet the families” experiences on

Ashley Hebert (photo by ABC)

What we really cared about was the meeting with the family of the Jewish contestant, JP Rosenbaum of Roslyn, New York.

Ashley admitted that she “was scared that they wouldn’t be pleased that I wasn’t Jewish,”  and that she  “went into this date with nervousness on my shoulders.”

But apparently it wasn’t that bad, “What a relief! His family was so supportive and sweet. ”

Rosenbaum’s family, however, did what all good Jewish families do to embarrass the children: show some Bar Mitzvah photos!

(“Sweet mullet, JP! Now we all know why he shaves his head!”)

So after the family trip, is Ashley still down with some Long Island lovin’? Guess we’ll have to wait for the August 1 finale.

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