Rick Scott, what hath thou wrought?


Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) let reporters into his office for the first time since he took it, in January.

The very first thing one reporter noticed was that Scott removed a mezuzah from the door post and placed it on a table where it jostles against … commemorative coins.

Not only that, but Adam Hasner, a veteran state pol now running for the U.S. senate, had given it to Scott’s predecessor, Charlie Crist, to ward off hurricanes.

From Michael Bender at the St. Petersburg Times:

The mezuzah former Gov. Charlie Crist hung on the office door (a gift from then-state Rep. Adam Hasner) to ward off hurricanes is now on a table just inside the door along with a couple dozen commemorative coins, a photo of the governor and first lady and a picture of Brandi Meshad, a Sarasota teenager who died of a prescription drug overdose.

Scott’s desk includes a couple of trinkets with inspirational quotes. One reads, "It can be done." Another: "If you are not the lead dog the view never changes."

"Lead dog" vs. the Shema.


O God. O Florida.

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