Ashton Kutcher jumps over an incredibly low bar


Photo by David Shankbone

Another day, another inappropriate reference to the Holocaust.

Mere days after Kanye West unfavorably compared himself to Hitler, the crew of CBS’ Two and a Half Men has also dropped the “H” bomb (though not an actual H bomb since that would’ve probably grabbed a few more non-gossip blog headlines).

According to E! Online (and how can you not trust a site with such exuberant punctuation?), the crew had only mildly complimentary things to say about Charlie Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

One crew member offered this backhanded compliment about Kutcher, saying, “No offense to Ashton, but anybody’s gonna look good when you’re replacing Hitler.”

What would the Fuhrer think about this comparison? Well if this video is any indication, he’s on Team Charlie.


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