Report: Iran cuts Hamas funds over Syria


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Iran reportedly has withdrawn some funding from Hamas over the Gaza terrorist group’s refusal to hold rallies supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Reuters cited diplomatic sources claiming that intelligence briefings show that Iran has cut its funding to Hamas over the last two months. Iran’s actions, the sources said, is due to Hamas leaders’ refusal to throw rallies in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria in support of Assad, an ally of Iran.

Last week, Hamas dispersed 150 protestors demonstrating against the Syrian military’s bombings of the Al-Ramel Palestinian refugee camp during its attack on the Syrian port city of Latakia. The attack sent thousands fleeing the western coast, and the camp was deserted, according to reports.

The sources also claimed that funds to Hamas from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood also have dried up, as the Brotherhood has switched its focus to funding uprisings related to the Arab Spring.

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