Israeli protesters evacuated from ‘liberated’ building


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli police evicted dozens of housing protesters from an abandoned building in Tel Aviv.

The protesters had taken over the former dormitory on Monday night, saying they had "liberated" it. Police evicted the protesters Tuesday from the building, which had been empty for more than a decade. Most left peacefully, but three protesters were arrested.

In a flier distributed near the building, protesters said they “have no intention of taking over the building for private purposes, and are not trying to claim any sort of ownership of it." Instead, they invited anyone "who wants to contribute to the return of this asset to the public to take part.”

The occupation comes after weeks of protests calling for housing and socioeconomic equality in Israel.

On Tuesday, the Trajtenberg Committee established by the government to come up with solutions to the country’s social welfare problems held a public meeting to hear from citizen leaders. The committee on Sunday agreed to appoint an Arab woman member in response to a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court by Arab-Israeli organizations and women’s groups.

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