Drake dissing on Jay-Z


Lil Wayne and Drake

Rapper Lil Wayne is coming out with a new album titled “The Carter IV” soon, and one song already leaked to the net. And boy, is this leak making waves.

Apparently the song “It’s Good,” which features rappers Jadakiss and Drake, is a total diss on rapper Jay-Z and his wifey Beyoncé.

The dispute started after Jay-Z/Kanye West insulted Wayne’s mentor Birdman in the song H.A.M., featured in the album Watch The Throne.

The lyrics are pretty explicit and take full aim at Jay-Z when Wayne says: 

“You who are rich and whose troubles are few/ May come around to see my point of view/ What price the crown of the king on his throne?/ When you’re chained in the dark all alone.” 

After Jadakiss’ solo, Drake adds, “Please pardon my brother/ He’s just angry at you n****s who don’t have your heart in your rap s***/ And got too f***in comfy, cause we still f***in hungry.”

Such a nice Jewish boy.


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