2011 VMAs and the Jews: We didn’t win anything, but at least we presented awards!


Will Farrell, Seth Rogen and Jack Black trying to battle Odd Future

Last night, as I was watching the 2011 MTV VMAs and avidly following the #vma hashtag on twitter, I came across a tweet that pretty much summed up this award show and all the rest of the VMAs in the previous years: watching it is like watching a train wreck, it’s pretty horrible but you can’t help but watching.

The VMAs are a pretty good reflection of MTV and its programs. They suck, but at least it’s a good show. So when you have Lady Gaga dressed like a man who looks like Danny Zuko from Grease, Nicki Minaj looking like a bubble gum and Katy Perry with a hat that resembles the Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads, you know you have to watch it, and then say you only did it to be ironic (after all, as MTV suggests, we are all psuedo-hipsters).

While last night’s show lacked an actual host, it had a pretty good line up of award presenters, many of whom were Jewish:

1. We finally saw skinny Jonah Hill live on stage! He was joking with Nicki Minaj about not being funny after losing weight. Or at least, he tried to joke about it. It wasn’t funny.

2. Jack Black and Seth Rogen joined Will Farrell and pretended they were the Beastie Boys for the Best Hip-Hop Video award, in one of the most “WTF” moments of the night. Oh, they were also threatened by Tyler The Creator.

3. Paul Rudd was absolutely adorable when he was standing next to Rick Ross when both introduced NeYo and Pitbull.

Also, the VMAs paid a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, featuring Tony Bennett and Bruno Mars. The artist choice outraged Dionne Bromfield, Amy’s goddaughter, as she ranted on her twitter.

But no one talks about that, it’s not as important as Beyonce and Jay-Z’s babeh!

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